Our History

A Long History of Milling

 There has been a history of milling on the Kelso Mill site since 1118. This coincides with the founding of Kelso Abbey in the 1100s. 

The Abbey owned the mill until the 16th century. 

Part of the old mill exists today as an archway allowing water to flow through the mill lade.

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John Hogarth took over the tenancy in 1901 and died in 1907.

His trustees continued the business before Robert Rae Hogarth became the sole partner in 1925.

John Hogarth was incorporated in 1935 and the mill was purchased from the Duke of Roxburghe in 1946.

Construction of the new Gluten free building
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Our Mill in Kelso

 With continued investment in modern plants and buildings, John Hogarth Ltd is now Scotland’s premier oat & barley mill

using hydrothermic cereal treatment and rotary steam dryers. Our Scottish milled products can be found worldwide

in breakfast cereal, yoghurt, oatcakes, biscuits, pies, soup and haggis. 

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Agricultural Trading

Service & Advice to Farmers

We have a long independent history of trading with farmers.
Our extensive product portfolio includes co-products, feed,  seed,  fertiliser,  grain,  grass & fodder.

BASIS, FACTS, & FAR certified for all your nutritional and agronomy advice.

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