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At John Hogarth Ltd we have a long independent history of providing service and advice to farmers. We offer feed, seeds, fertilisers, grain and fodder supplies.

Our staff are FACTS/BASIS qualified and can advise on top quality fertiliser inputs for grass & cropping.



We supply a full range of high quality NPK fertilisers, Granular Urea, straight Nitrogen and sulphur blends.

A Soil health service check by analysis is essential to get the correct advice on PH, Phosphate Potash, and Sulphur applications.

Bulk liming agents are always available alongside granulated calcium lime, phosphate and fibrophos. Staff are Basis FACTS certified and our company is FIAS approved .


We offer nutritional advice alongside a comprehensive range of compound feeds, straights and blends for livestock. Distillery by-products, imported proteins and wet feeds are also supplied.

Our mill co-products, from barley and oat processing,
are sold for use in animal feed and biofuel. These are available in tote bags throughout the year alongside
Oatfeed hulls which are loaded daily onto walking floor trailers and delivered throughout Scotland and the North of England.

Traders are certified, feed advisors within FAR. Please direct all enquiries to our trading desk on 01573 224224.

Agricultural Food Products

Livestock Feeds

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Calf & Lamb Pelleted Blend
Cattle Ewe Compound Feed
Cattle & Ewe Compound Feed
Ewe Rolls (1)
Ewe Rolls
Coarse blends (1)
Coarse Blends
Calf & Lamb Feed
Protein blends (2)
Protein Blends
Oat Hulls for Feed
Barley co product meal (1)
Barley Middlings
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Feed Grain
Hay Straw
Hay & Straw
Grass, Root & Forage Seeds

Grass, Root & Forage Seeds

We have a comprehensive seed range including agricultural, clover, organic, forage, game cover, and agri-environmental seeds.

As independent suppliers our aim is to provide the right product to suit individual farm requirements. Working alongside Watson seeds we offer the best independently selected varieties in the market today.

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