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Using hydrothermic treatment of cereals by rotary steam dryers, we are producing fully stabilised and distinctly flavoured oat products for today’s demanding food markets.  The recent addition of high-tech computerised colour sorting equipment has further enhanced the safety and purity of all our products.

Scottish Pearl Barley is milled to an exceptional standard of purity and consistency for the food industry throughout the UK. We have experienced increasing demand for our speciality cereal ingredients from within the breakfast cereal market, biscuit manufacturing, butchers, bakers and health food sector. Without doubt this is testimony to the quality, flavour and success of our products as a natural food ingredient.

Our finished goods are packed into specially selected food quality packaging. Normally flexible IBC bulk bags or 25 kg bags.

Gluten Free Food Products

Gluten Free

We control the whole process – from the field to the mill.

Farm rotations are agreed, then field inspections and rouging take place at numerous growth stages to ensure a clean crop has been sown.

After controlled combining and drying takes place we approve dried samples for movement to the mill.

We have a stringent intake procedures, which is very strict, we continue to clean throughout the production process.

Finally, each 1 tonne of finished product is independently tested at an approved laboratory and carries a gluten free certificate on its onward journey into the food sector.

Pure oats are naturally gluten free. However only controlled cropping and dedicated processes from start to finish can ensure that no other grains have contaminated the oat with gluten.

"Our close ties direct to local farms and our agronomy knowledge place us perfectly to supply consistent safe and guaranteed food products "

Our Food Products

Scottish Gluten Free Oat flakes (1)
Gluten Free Oatflakes
Scottish Oatflakes (1)
Conventional Oatflakes
Jumbo Oatflakes
Scottish Oat flour_ (1)
Gluten Free Oatflour
Scottish-Organic-Oatmeal (1)
Organic Oatmeal
Scottish-Pinhead-Oatmeal (1)
Pinhead Oatmeal
Scottish-Rough-Cut-Oatmeal (1)
Roughcut Oatmeal
Scottish Coarse Oatmeal (1)
Medium Oatmeal
Scottish-Organic-Oatmeal (1)
Fine Oatmeal
Scottish-Pearl-Barley (1)
Pearl Barley

Our Mill in Kelso

Scotland's Premier Oat & Barley Mill

Producing a range of distinctly flavoured and stabilised oat products.

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